Who Is Shalom Nchom? And Why We Love Her!

Sheryl Espinal

Shalom Nchom, AKA Shalom Blac on YouTube, is a miracle in her own right. She is one of the most influential Makeup Artist in the industry. She uses her skills to encourage women to love themselves regardless, of their imperfections.

This Nigerian born beauty was a victim of a horrible accident involving a hot pan of oil; she suffered horrible scars and even had to remove her hair, she was only 9. "People were cruel and would give me nasty stares." She suffered throughout her childhood, dealing with the relentless bullying and isolation she felt as an adolescent. She perfected her skills in hopes to conceal and hide her scars.

As time passed Shalom realized, that she needed to love herself with or without the makeup. She uses all her platforms not just to educate on the creativity of makeup but also to help heal. Encouraging ALL women to love themselves regardless of their outer appearance.


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