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How To Start Your Own Home Based Makeup Business

How To Start Your Own Home Based Makeup Business

It's time, you have been practicing on friends and loved ones, so why not make a little money? In this day and age with makeup being so popular and sought after, why not be apart of it. The beauty industry is a 600 billion dollar industry, why not get a piece of the pie? But if you are not a traveling artist due, to being handicapped, unlicensed, or a stay at home parent, you can still be apart of this industry. Here are a few tips to help you along your journey.

  1. Be Safe- Ok, you can never tell the crazies, but when you are inviting a total stranger in your home I suggest you use precautions. I recommend having cameras in your work area, you can find them for as low as $100 for an entire system. Have a family member or friend in your home for all new clients, if you have a male family member I suggests keeping them around for all new clients.
  2. KNOW The Law- Every state is different and they regulate makeup application differently, be sure to know the regulations and laws in your state as far as makeup application, it would be a pity to get shut down before starting, though most states are pretty lenient with makeup application, be sure to know your state laws.
  3. Hygiene- You want to be a clean hygienically correct makeup artist, no matter how good your work is your technique on keeping your tools clean is just as important. Cleaning brushes in between each client is a great habit, but be sure to disinfect your tools, I suggest barbicide, it kills a large array of serious diseases and viruses.
  4. Business Stationary-  Just because you are a home based business doesn't mean you shouldn't look professional, because you are, be sure to have business cars , appointment books with a confirmation system, a brochure with a list of services and prices.
  5. Establish Your Price List- Establish your prices ahead of time, be sure to include travel, set up a paypal or square to accept electronic payments and deposits.
  6. Advertise Free- Reach out to local high schools offering their students discounts on services for prom, homecoming and graduation pictures. Make deals with local photographers, post on facebook, craigslist, and Thumbnail. There are plenty of free ways to get exposure, join facebook groups related to makeup, brides, and other events

Remember Practice Makes Perfect!!


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