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Makeup Mistakes That Causes Breakouts!

Makeup Mistakes That Causes Breakouts!

When clients come to me for a chemical peel and other skin therapies, I listen to there concerns when it comes to makeup, "Oh, I don't wear makeup it breaks me out." Well, it could be other factors, such as improper application and improper removal, and is my client using the correct product for their skin type?

  • Clean your face, be sure to use a pre-cleanser, I prefer an oil cleanser such as Dermalogica's PreCleanse Oil, or Neutrogena Oil Cleanser prior to using my actual cleanser, this helps get rid of oil and dirt without over drying my skin.My skin is so oily and exposed constantly, I need to do a pre-cleanse with or without makeup. After my double cleanse, I follow with a mist of hydrating Rose water, then I moisturize. Starting with a clean surface is key, you don't want to pack product onto dirty skin,  that is the quickest way to clog your pores.
  • Please Keep Your Brushes Clean- Using dirty brushes on your face is like spreading germs across your entire face, and your eyes, therefore creating a breeding ground for unsaintly pimples and blackheads.
  • Remove Your Makeup Completely- Ok, if it's a party night and you barely made it to your bathroom, use a makeup remover wipe or a baby wipe until you wakeup from your drunken stupor, but on a usual basis remove makeup with a pre cleanse, makeup remover or oil cleanser, then follow with a cleanser, now use a cotton swab with your toner and wipe the entire face, hairline, and neck. If your cotton swab isn't clean, wash until the cotton swab has no remnants of makeup, you want to be sure to remove your makeup completely, prior to going to bed.

Follow us For More Skincare tips try these tips and also be sure if you have oily skin you should be only using oil free makeup products.

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