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How To Use Makeup To Look Younger

How To Use Makeup To Look Younger

As, we age we tend to sometimes over compensate or over conceal to hide our age, but in fact we are making ourselves look older. I'm noticing slight changes in my body daily, but that is the beauty of life and having being able to live and experience it. Here are some tips I have put together that can help you look younger by using makeup!

  • Moisturize- This is a MAJOR step in applying your makeup but most of all looking younger. Moisturized skin looks supple, pliable, and bright; besides you never want to apply makeup to dry dull skin, your results will look dry and dull.
  • Stick To Liquids- When at all possible, creams, powders seem to nestle in the creases and crevasses of our face, even the smallest fine line or expression line will look twice as bad with makeup creasing in it. I hate when I see a beautiful woman look twenty years older whenever she puts on makeup that is way to packed with powders and creams. Liquid foundations, liquid concealers, avoid the powder if you can, if your skin is oily, please try a mattifier
  • Warmer Tones- Yellow and Orange toned foundations are key to looking younger, warmer sort of sun kissed skin appears younger and healthier, please by all means use the PROPER color foundation for your skin, but go for warmth, even bronzers can warm your makeup look.
  • Less Foundation, More Dampened Sponge-  I prefer a beauty blender but any damp sponge will do the trick, using a swatch of foundation on the back of your hand, (use the back of the hand to warm the foundation, it helps for better application), lightly apply to the pointy areas of your face and, in a dabbing motion apply to entire face, the water with the dabbing motion decreases creasing, conceals, more imperfection, and gives the skin pliability.
  • Skip the Powder- powder and creams tend to crease and like I stated before creasing and settling can give the appearance of aging
  • Hydration- moisturizing the skin from the inside out, by of course drinking water, but eating fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies actually hydrates the skin more effectively than just drinking water, the water in fruit is intracellular therefore it goes to the skin first, water hydrates our organs first then our skin, a healthy combination of both equals younger skin
  • Highlight Your Bone Structure- it is a known fact that we lose adipose tissue or that fatty layer in our skin as we get older, but in our face this allows our cheek bones to look more profound, highlight this with your blush to accent your beautiful face structure!
  • Highlighting- This brings light to your face, Michelle Pfeiffer sayscolor that you use to open  all the time great lighting is key to younger skin!
  • Curl Those Lashes- Gravity takes over even with our lashes. Curled trained lashes brightens the eyes, giving that youthful doey-eye look.

Remember, aging should be embraced, different phases of your life will call for different techniques but this is a sign of progress not a step back!

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