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5 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

5 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Makeup is a learning experience, so don't feel bad if you have been making one of these common makeup mishaps, just learn, accept, and be better!

  1. Applying The Wrong Eye Liner:
    Darker skin tones should use black eyeliner, but for fair skin tones brown eyeliner should be used. If you have blonde hair and blue eyes, never use black eyeliner it can make you look like a raccoon, or an evil vampire.
  2. Incorrectly Blending Your Makeup:
    Blending your makeup correctly is pivotal when applying your makeup.  Even if you apply the perfect shade of foundation to your face, it can look sloppy or caked on if you do not blend it the properly. I suggest using a dampened beauty blender for blending foundation, large brush powders for blush, and a good eye shadow blending  rush for everyday application of eye makeup
  3. Lip liner:
    Lining your lips with a thin and sharp line is so dated, and tacky. You should smudge the lip liner lightly and then fill in entire lip, DO NOT USE BLACK EYE LINER ON LIPS ALONE
  4. Bronzer:
    Never apply bronzer to entire face. Apply only to cheekbones, top of your forehead and the jaw line
  5. Too Much Foundation:
    Applying too much foundation will make your makeup appear thick and caked on. You need to apply it only on your cheeks, nose and the under eye areas.  Apply the foundation on your neck as well.

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