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Mommy Makeup Must Haves!

Mommy Makeup Must Haves!

I often hear mothers of different age groups; married or single; tell me that when it comes to makeup they just don't have time to apply it or they don't want to buy something they won’t or can’t use. Well, ladies here are some affordable must haves that you will use.
Primer & Moisturizer-As a mom on the go, these products will come in handy. A moisturizer is needed for basic skincare, but it also allows for easier application and blending. Primer holds everything together giving you that WOW look all day and your makeup will last longer; therefore making your investment go a lot further.
Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation-Though, some may have beautifully flawless and even
skin, a lot of us don’t! Even if you are one of those lucky people with flawless skin you should still apply foundation or tinted moisturizer in order to protect your face from the different components in the makeup and also to protect yourself from the sun. Keep your flawless face, flawless. If you are a heavy sweater or have very oily skin go for a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers can be hard to find for darker skin tones, you can take your favorite liquid or cream foundation, mix it with your daily moisturizer, and WALA, you have a tinted moisturizer!
Illuminating Powders-A nice bronzer or golden cheek color is a must have. Lightly apply
these shimmery powders under eyes, on cheek bones, down the nose, and above the cupids bow on your lips for an amazing effect. This trick is called strobing. Strobing is a technique used to really brighten the face allowing it to look more energetic and awake! Super easy to apply and a quick fix to any tired look.
Setting Spray-This overlooked product will awaken your senses, nourish your skin, and most of all it allows your makeup to stay in place This means you don't have to worry about constant reapplication when completing all those mommy duties.
Don't forget makeup is not a chore it is an accessory, one that makes you feel amazing!

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