Who Is Muse Cosmetics?

Looking back over the last five years of Muse Cosmetics, I can't help but be amazed at how we have grown and evolved. We are a small company and as such we are steadily making leaps and bounds in the beauty and makeup industry. In this blog we will answer questions that seem to come our way quite often. Who is Muse Cosmetics?
What is Muse Cosmetics?-MSC is a safe affordable cosmetics line great for all skin tones and ethnicities
When Was Muse Created?-This Cruelty-free makeup line began production in April 2011, five years and we are still here ready to take the cosmetics industry by storm. We started with just eye shadow and lip color and now we have evolved into a full line of makeup soon to release a full skincare line.
Why Should I Use Muse Products?-Muse Cosmetics is completely dedicated to safe affordable products. Most people often use questionable products because they are inexpensive. Why use those questionable product that are likely to endanger the environment, your skin and health, and were probably tested on animals when there are safer affordable options such as Muse Cosmetics?
Where Can I Purchase Muse?-Currently we are available online and we have a location in Garden City, MI; but very soon we will be opening up our distribution nationally and internationally.
Muse Cosmetics goal is to provide priceless and affordable quality makeup, that we all love!

Sheryl Espinal

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