Being Chic on the Cheap.....By Tiffany of Life Tells Tales

Being Chic on the “Cheap”…..By Tiffany of LifeTellsTales

 Everybody wants to be the freshest, flyest, and best looking everywhere we go. We see major designer labels on babies these days, which leads many to chase these “labels”, and although I love a good brand name….YOU DON’T HAVE TO SPEND YOUR MORTGAGE to look fly or afford these items. The labels we see on the celebrities we worship, are items THEY can afford. It’s not necessarily normal for teenagers to have $300 jeans or $2500 purses daily when they don’t have an income. It’s also not mandatory for people to spend thousands to wear pieces you can only be seen in once. Staple pieces are needed but I say be sensible with your money. If you have it like that spend it, BUT if you’re regular, check to check, like myself, I have a few tips that might save the bank. P.S. Of course I’m not dubbing myself a fashionista but I definitely know a great deal and a chic look!


Online shopping is EVERYTHING! Sites like RueLaLa and Hautelook are big helps when looking for affordable designer items. They have everything from Rolex to Free People to Gucci and almost anything you can name for great deals. RueLaLa is on the high end of my online shopping because items are “cheaper” (LOL) not “cheap”, but RueLaLa is certified and you get a $10 credit when friends you invite order! Sites like JustFab are good for one time wear items, and although you have to be careful because some shoes look cheap, they have some cute stuff and are great with returns. Why spend hundreds on a shoe everybody will keep remembering and you can only wear one or two times. Save your money for your staple items and spend the pocket change of the cute fab just going out stuff. Mix and match to polish whatever look you choose.


Resale shops and Estate Sales are also hot spots for grabbing great fashion deals. I like to visit higher end areas in the summer and search estate sales. Not only have I nabbed some high end (Vintage leathers, Gucci, Furs) stuff, but also antiques for my home and to retail. Although I stress not buying into labels and names, yet shopping more for quality and value, I get names will always be apart of our culture. YES you will see me in designer, but that’s not always fashion. Stop buying items because of these names and buy based on personal style and value. Remember the key points are if its ONE or even just a few time wear go cheap but make sure it doesn’t LOOK cheap. TJ Maxx it or mix it with a piece from Target (they have BOMB clothes btw) and for your statement pieces splurge but NEVER pay FULL PRICE. Happy shopping!


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