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Muse Makeup Tips For Working Moms!

Muse Makeup Tips For Working Moms!

Raising a family, being an emotional support to a spouse, and bringing home the bacon is a bit much to handle alone, let alone keeping up with a steady beauty routine. We find ourselves never finding the time to apply all of that makeup we purchased. Don't let your money go to waste any longer, follow these simple tricks and you will, yourself be a busy mom, but glammed out!

1. Stick To The Basics- YouTube is a great resource, but sometimes we often look at the Pro-Makeup Artist, who completely transforms their faces, this takes time, which you as a working mother won't have. So just stick to the basics for daily use.

You Will Need

  • Concealer/corrector
  • Foundation
  • Bronzer
  • Mascara
  • Lip gloss and or Lipstick

Stick to using these simple tools daily, it will be easier on you and your pocket!

2. Spend The Money On Good Tools- A pro can use practically anything to apply makeup, because they are trained to work with little to nothing, you my friend MUST invest in good tools. this allows application to be easy and breezy, all while looking as if a professional applied your makeup. Besides blending requires a little extra time, good tools will cut this time into a third.

I Suggest You Try These Companies:

  • Morphe
  • Sigma
  • Sonia Kashuk
  • MAC Brushes

I find these brands have the best quality for what you pay.

3.Invest in Good Concealers/Correctors- As a working mother you very well may know that you will be deprived of sleep and you will look that way; with dark under eye circles and puffiness we often look how we may feel, tired. Conceal or use color corrector, I prefer color corrector, to hide dark under eye circles and puffiness.

Try These Products:

  • Muse Corrector Kit
  • Muse 3-n-1 Foundation Stix

4. Take A Makeup Course- There are plenty of free an inexpensive ways to learn basic makeup application. If you have the extra cash a one-on-one class for beginners would be great. If not books, webinars, YouTube, and other resources can be helpful to guide in the right direction.

Try this:

  • Muse Makeup Webinars
  • Muse One-on-One Coaching
  • Makeup Counters
  • YouTube

Leave a comment with any other helpful tips!

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