Mini Skincare Haul: Beat The Breakout

 The season is changing and so is my skin. I noticed lately I have been having an unusually increase in blackheads on my face and minor breakouts throughout my body. I had a coupon for another skincare brand, but I ran across these Target Brand Products "Up & Up". Besides the amazing prices, I was quite surprised at the amazing ingredients. The pink grapefruit acne cleanser lightly exfoliates while medicating the skin with salicylate acid. The acne body wash has the exact same ingredients, more surfactants than the face wash, it is very refreshing. My breakouts stay under control when I use max strength benzoyl peroxide acne medication, the Target brand is much cheaper than Clean and Clears Persa Gel. I am always in need of eye makeup remover so I grabbed this one it was on sale. So far my skin is getting clearer just a little dry I will use the acne medication every other day instead. I spent $21 including tax.

Sheryl Espinal

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