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Which Is Better Maybelline FITMe or CoverGirl TrueBlend

Which Is Better Maybelline FITMe or CoverGirl TrueBlend

Over the years I have noticed how much the makeup industry has evolved. This industry openly and brazenly discriminated against women of color for years; it's homogenous product availability was limited to a more fair skin market for decades!Not only has inclusion changed within the industry, but also quality has changed. More and more companies are ethically sourcing their products and materials, along with offering safer cosmetics for consumers. Even "drugstore" makeup has rocketed in quality and variety. Honestly, some of my favorite foundations are available at Duane Reade, CVS, Walgreens, etc. Please do not make the mistake of judging a product by price, take in mind these elements when purchasing your foundation: Color, consistency, variety, availability, and budget. Today we are exploring two of my favorite drugstore foundations, Maybelline FITMe and CoverGirl TruBlend. I have tried them both and I have come to a final conclusion, read more to see my review!


When it comes to medium to full coverage, both of these brands are serving up serious competition to luxury brands. I have oily skin with wide pores so I am using the Maybelline FITMe Matte & Poreless and CoverGirl TruBlend Matte Made. FITMe is more fluid and little runny, but with proper application the FITMe foundation can completely cover up uneven skin tone easily, though a little goes along way I find myself slightly retouching my foundation after about four hours, to maintain coverage. TruBlend on the other hand is a liquid foundation, but has a more creamy almost whipped consistency, the coverage is more medium applying another layer definitely gave me more coverage, the problem is I don't like to add layers of makeup for daily use. For me, FITMe is better in coverage.


Maybelline FITMe is very runny and fluid, it is almost too watery for me, the good thing is very little goes a long way, but use sparingly, I have wasted plenty of this product by underestimating the viscosity of the foundation. Covergirl TruBlend, the texture light and creamy, almost a fluff feel as if it were whipped. TruBlend is much easier to work with and less messy than FITMe. TruBlend is the better consistency hands down.


Both brands are tremendously amazing when coming to offering a variety of colors, especially tones for women of color. Offering both cool and warm tones I must say, it is a tie! When it comes to variety both brands pass the test!


One thing I hate is getting hooked to a brand and never being able to find it again. These two brands both are readily available online and in stores such as Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Ulta, etc So once again they are tied for both being easily available.


Maybelline FITMe can run as low as $4.39-7.99. I paid $5.54 at Walmart, but with my CVS coupons and sales at Ulta, I have gotten plenty of deals sometimes getting this amazing product for free. I have seen CoverGirl Trublend as low as $4.49 once on ebay, but never again it usually ranges from $7.99-$8.99, but I purchased mine for $6 (I had a coupon!). As far as price FITMe is slightly less expensive.

Though, I love both brands and appreciate their attention to detail when it comes to color selection; I also love the fact that both brands are very diverse and inclusive when it comes to color choices, but it can only be one winner and, the belt goes to Maybelline FITMe! Close but not quite, FITMe has better coverage and better prices.

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