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Tips On Preventing Dry Lips

Tips On Preventing Dry Lips

We all want smooth soft kissable lips. The appearance of dry lips is unattractive and can expose you to bacteria. Dry dehydrated lips, prevents you from getting the best out of your lip color. I hate when I see lip color caught in the folds of peeling lips, it looks horrible. Besides, smooth lips allows your lip color to be vibrant and true to it's original hue. Don't be fooled by the idea of stocking up on your favorite lip balm, or the next trendy moisturizer; keep in mind proper hydration and nutrition impacts your lips. Here are some tips to help you prevent chapped lips.

  1. Prior to cleansing your face, protect your lips with a barrier, I personally prefer coconut oil or good old Vaseline. This protect my lips from the drying ingredients in my face wash such as, benzoyl peroxide, and other oil reducing agents.
  2. Is your home environment dry? Use a humidifier to add the needed moisture, this will also help with drying of the skin
  3. Muse Sugar scrub is a great way to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the lips. Enriched with vitamin e and almond oil, our sugar scrubs will be back on sale very soon, but in the meantime use a terry fabric wash cloth and rehydrate with your favorite lip moisturizer
  4. Stop constantly licking your lips, slathering your lips down with saliva only breaks your lips down, we have acidic enzymes in our "spit" 
  5. Drink water and eat plenty of fruit. Water of course hydrates our organs and our skin, fruit is filled with interstitial fluids that hydrates the skin first
  6. Consider possible allergies, some of us suffer from skin conditions that could be caused by an allergy or may need attention from a dermatologist. If nothing seems to work, contact a physician. 

Remember health and good nutrition truly impacts our appearance, decrease unhealthy habits and your lips will thank you for it!

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