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Makeup Tips For Working Women On The Go

Makeup Tips For Working Women On The Go

Often as working women, we lose track of time and sleep.  Our schedule is never our own, whether it be after school activities with our children, tending to our homes and spouses, educating ourselves, traveling for work, etc. Our life becomes hectic, our mornings can be somewhat chaotic, but that’s ok. Together the MuseMob beauty team, put together a few little hints that can help you apply your makeup when time is a factor. Still look fresh and alert in five minutes with these simple yet impactful tools.

Let's Get To It!

Step 1: Eyes

Doing your eye makeup first when the clock is ticking is ideal for two reasons. If you make a mess or if your shadow falls and lands on your face, you won’t have to worry about touching up your foundation, and if you don’t have enough time to apply the rest of your face, your eyes and lips are the most noticed anyway and at least they will be done. We time is not on your side, prioritize.

Try This Quick Smokey Eye Technique, use your kohl eye pencil, draw a slanted hashtag sign to the corner of your eye, and use a smudge brush, and lightly smudge for a quick sexy Smokey eye, if you have time.

Step 2: Face

Concealer and powder are all you really need for a full day of work. Take your favorite liquid concealer apply it to dark spots and blend in gently using your blending sponge or your hand dandy fingers. Apply powder and you are out the door.

Step 3: Lips

Honestly you can apply this on at work or on in the car. But if you have the time, apply your lipstick or lip gloss last, if you decide to wear lipstick. Apply your lip color, take a facial tissue or Kleenex and place on top of lips, with a powder brush, lightly dust translucent setting powder over the tissue, it will deposit gently on the lips without disturbing the lip color, this will allow your lip color to become more resilient.

Yes, we can rush out the door with our makeup in place and looking fabulous. A full face of makeup is not always ideal, realistically our lives sometimes calls for a minimalist approach.  Always remember to keep your makeup organized, separate your daily wear from your full drag makeup supplies. Keep your kit in an easy to reach and grab area so when it’s time to apply, you are not wasting time looking for brushes and product.


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