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How To Use The Muse Lip Spa

How To Use The Muse Lip Spa

The dry lip saga is sad and has played a role in most of our lives. Yes dry lips is a concern we all have had to address. I wonder how many of us focus on the actual health of our lips as well as maintaining moisture? Do you have a regular lip care routine that does not just include hydration, but to protect, and restore your lips? Here at Muse Cosmetics also known as MSC, we believe there is not enough emphasis on the importance of regularly caring for your lips. We created the "Muse Lip Spa" to focus directly on the health and care of your lips. Keep reading and watch our how to video on how you can nourish your lips to it's full optimal health.

1. Step One: Cleanse with MSC Vegan Make-Up Remover Pads

Cleaning your lips is the first step in the MSC Lip Spa. This step should not be skipped. Cleaning your lips removes, food, oils, and other debris that lands on your lips daily. Our vegan makeup up removers are not only just cleansing the lips it starts the process of hydration, exfoliation, and protection. Our Makeup pads are saturated with olive oil, jojoba seed oil, Vitamin E, and squalene (an emollient naturally produced in our bodies. MSC derives our squalene from olives, rice bran, and sugarcane), these powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and emollients not only work as a makeup eraser, but an amazing first step towards smoother and healthier lips.


2. Step Two: Exfoliate with MSC Sugar Lip Scrub

Once you have thoroughly cleansed your lips, lightly dab your finger into the sugar scrub pot, apply the scrub to your top an bottom lip and begin rubbing your lips vigorously as the sugar crystals removes dead skin cells. This step not only removes dead skin cells and promotes the production of healthy skin cells, this step also promotes collagen production. Regularly exfoliating improves collagen production, collagen is an important protein that builds healthy skin cells and promotes a youthful appearance. We recommend exfoliating your lips once or twice a week. Our sugar scrub is also infused with mint and almond oil to further treat and soothe dry cracked lips   


3. Step Three: Rejuvenate with the Muse CBD Lip Mask

Though, we are unable to offer our CBD Lip Mask online, we created a rich creamy lip mask that was created to deeply condition the lips, but heal the lips from damage and chronic dryness. The CBD has healing powers that are great for those with sensitive skin especially around the lips. If you would like to purchase our lip mask please email us at


4. Step Four: Apply MSC Vitamin E and C lip treatment sticks

The last and final step in the MSC Lip Spa is applying your nutrients and to seal in the moisture. Apply the Vitamin C Lip treatment stick prior to applying the Vitamin E lip treatment stick. Allow two minutes to pass prior to applying any lip color, this way your lips fully absorb the nutrients offered in each treatment stick.


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