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Brighten Those Eyes For Fall 2016

Brighten Those Eyes For Fall 2016

The summer is over, signs of autumn surrounds us with daily reminders that chilly days are soon to come. Warm your days with eye makeup that brightens the natural color of your eye. Check out some of my favorite eye shadow colors for Blue, Brown, Hazel and Green eyes!

1. Blue Eyes- Warm, shimmery, gold tones are great hues for the blue eye babe. For a subtle day look, a nice sandy golden color or a champagne shadow will give you a simple neutral look, but for a sensual night look intensify the shimmer, with a copper or rose gold shade.

2. Hazel Eyes-Hazel eyes are multifaceted due to the multitude of undertones, you can basically choose any shade to make your eyes appear brighter. I would try earth tones with shimmer, such as golden shades to enhance the green aspect of your eye or earthy greens to enhance the yellow or golden pigments of your eye. 

3. Brown Eyes- My eye color, dark brown. I often use plum or blue mascara to make my brown eyes appear even more brown, but the truth of the matter is, all shades compliment the brown eye girl. To really make your eyes pop try cool blues and plums, some will even try silver shades, I myself, don't care for silver shadow.

4. Green Eyes- According to the color chart, red is a complimentary color of green, therefore red based colors such as pinks and purples. A vibrant violet will make green eyes look electrifying!

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